where's your menu at?

Is it where colour pops, where flavour bursts and where ideas excite?

Introducing Strong Roots, bursting into the world of foodservice with an explosion of vegetable excitement for operator menus. 

These flavour-packed, plant-based products not only bring exciting, colours and flavours to menus but also align with emerging menu trends, delighting consumers. With a finger on culinary innovation, Strong Roots offers diverse products that cater to the growing demand for plant-based options. 

From mouthwatering burgers to tasty sides, Strong Roots comes to the foodservice market with a portfolio of five delicious and nutritious products that put vegetables centre of plate. Experience the power of Strong Roots, where taste, health, and consumer satisfaction harmonise in a vibrant culinary journey.

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Veggie house burger

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Jerk Fritter bowl

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Pea & Lemon Risotto

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Our story

Our story

STRONG ROOTS Founder and CEO Sam Dennigan knows, lives and loves good food.

His determination and desire to bring producers and customers closer together led to the creation of STRONG ROOTS.